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Hi I’m Régine.
I’m a Senior Art Director at Jung von Matt/Limmat.

I have been living in Zürich for 10 years and working for big network agencies
like Havas and Publicis. Over the past years I have had the chance to work on
renowned advertising campaigns for national and international brands.
Throughout my work I have gathered experience in many fields, like photography,
design and digital to make the best out of my creativity.


My job today is to conceptualize and realize advertising campaigns
as well as build brands. I work in close relationship with our clients,
manage production processes, and often lead a team of people.


The favorite part of my job is finding the right ideas to tell the best stories.


If you are looking for a complete CV or want to get in touch,
just drop me an email at hello[at]
You can also find me on Linkedin.

Brands I worked for:
Migros, Sunrise, Sanofi, SWISS, Swiss WorldCargo, Salt, UBS, Renault, Dacia, Jura, Heineken,
Orell Füssli, V ZUG, Credit Suisse, Zürcher Kammer Orchester, Migros Classics, Swisscable.



2016ADC SwitzerlandSilverCorporate DesignSalt Mobile SAOrange Heisst jetzt Salt.
2016ADC SwitzerlandBronzeIntegrated CampaignsSalt Mobile SAOrange Heisst jetzt Salt.
2016Swiss Effie AwardGoldNew NewSalt Mobile SAOrange Heisst jetzt Salt.


2015ADC SwitzerlandShortlistDirect MarketingOrell Füssli BookshopLiterature Business Cards
2015ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPrint, CampaignUBS AGKuchendiagramm E- und Mobile-Banking


2014ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPrintRenaultGottesdienstwagen


2013ADC SwitzerlandBronzeRadioRenaultRenault Rückrufaktion
2013ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPosterRenaultRenault Rückrufaktion


2010ADC SwitzerlandBronzeDirect marketing & PromotionCommercio ZürichCommercio Baustellenorchester
2010ADC SwitzerlandShortlistFoto & IllustrationSchweizerische Stiftung Pro PatriaPro Patria Schlossbesitzer
2010ADC SwitzerlandShortlistFilmMigros Genossenschafts-BundMGB Notenregen


2008ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPrintArena 225Arena 225 Murmeltier
2008ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPrintCommercioCommercio Ziffernblatt
2008ADC SwitzerlandShortlistPrintGreenpeaceGreenpeace Gletscherskulptur